Försäljningsuppdrag av bil

Ett försäljnings­uppdrag innebär att vi säljer din bil åt dig mot en fast avgift. Vi gör som vi brukar göra med våra egna bilar.


Vi sköter hela försäljningen från start till slut, försäljningen sker i samråd med dig utifrån dina villkor och förutsättningar. Du kan behålla bilen under försäljningsproccessen tills att den är såld.

  • Du kan sälja bilen för ett högre pris
  • Vi hanterar frågor, visning och provkörning
  • Vi sköter försäljningen professionellt
  • Vi säkrar att pappersarbetet går rätt till

Om vi jämför med att sälja bilen privat är en nackdel att du får betala vår fasta avgift. Men det är det ofta värt.

Att slippa sköta kontakten med mer eller mindre seriösa spekulanter, ordna prov­körning själv, fixa allt pappers­arbete och pris­förhandling själv. Dessutom kan du potentiellt få ett lägre pris eftersom bilen inte har fått en upp­fräschning av vår verkstad.

Och vi nämnde väl att vi kan lösa upp­hämtning eller in­lämning av din bil i hela Sverige? Du är även väl­kommen att lämna in bilen direkt till oss i Uppsala.

Vi har god erfarenhet av att arbeta med både privatpersoner och företag. Välkommen att kontakta oss!


Säljgaranti innebär att om vi inte lyckas sälja bilen inom 60 dagar och ni väljer att avsluta försäljningsuppdraget så tar vi ingen avgift alls.

Allt detta för ett fast pris

  • Annonsering och marknadsföring
  • Rekond, invändig och utvändig tvätt
  • Bilvärdering och rådgivning
  • Vi står för avtal, finansiering garanti och ägarbyte

Sell ​​your car to us at Moberg Bil in Gothenburg

Estimate free of charge via the form below or call 031-788 91 86

We primarily buy cars sold in Sweden, a maximum of 10 years old and which have not exceeded 20,000 miles.


Sell ​​your car quickly and easily online with us. We help you all the way with everything related to the business.

  • Quick valuation via our website.
  • Direct payment via our payment service.
  • We pick up the car at your home.
  • Fast, easy and safe, just like selling a car should be.

Estimate free of charge via the form below or call 031-788 91 86

We primarily buy cars sold in Sweden, a maximum of 10 years old and which have not exceeded 20,000 miles.

When you sell your car to us at Moberg Bil in Gothenburg, we guarantee a safe and joyful experience where you get the right price for your car.

Smooth online services make the process as easy as possible for you. We also offer pick-up of your car throughout Sweden. Moberg Bil is the personal family business that makes it easy for you to sell a car.

We accept everything from family cars to premium cars and vans. We also buy other vehicles such as motorbikes and boats.

When you sell the car to a car dealer like us in Gothenburg, you avoid dealing with calls from potential buyers, arranging viewings and test drives – and above all haggling and paperwork.

You can either sell your used car directly to us or hire us for sales assignments. You can of course also trade in your current car when you buy a new one from us.

We have good experience in working with both private individuals and companies. Welcome to contact us !

Sell ​​your car to us - let us take care of everything

You can either sell directly to us – or hire us for a sales assignment.

Selling your car to us means a quick deal where we stand as the buyer. You get a fair price for your car in its current condition. What’s more, you don’t have to wait for us to find a buyer before you get the money. If you have a loan on your car, we will of course help to resolve this in connection with the purchase. You can also exchange the car for one of the used cars we have in stock.

If you want to hire us for sales assignments instead, that’s just as well. When you submit your car for sale, we prepare the car, test it, recond, photograph it and advertise it for you for a fee. We talk a lot about the right car at the right price. With the refresh, it will be reasonable to charge a higher price for the car – which can give you more money. You own the car until we have found a buyer.

You can often get more profit on sales assignments through us than if you use the big auction sites.

You can sell a car online to our car company - regardless of where you live in Sweden

Are you wondering how the car that you sell online will get from you to us in Gothenburg? There are no problems, because we can pick up cars or arrange delivery all over the country. If you would rather hand it in yourself on site with us at Hisingen, that is of course also welcome.

Advantagesand disadvantages of selling your used car to car dealers

The big advantage of selling a used car to a car dealer is that you don’t have to deal with all the complicated aspects of the sale. For example:

  • Take nice pictures and put together ads
  • Calls from people who have seen your ad
  • Questions about the car that you are not used to answering
  • To arrange and be available for viewing and test driving the car
  • Negotiate price
  • Manage the paperwork

We at Moberg Bil buy in a large number of cars every day. With that, we have a clear routine that makes it as smooth as possible for both us and you.

A disadvantage that is often raised with selling a car to a car dealer is that you could have gotten a better price if you sold privately. However, the key word here is could. It depends, for example, on whether you find the right buyer and a certain amount of luck. Private sales can also take a lot of time that you may not have room for in your calendar.

When you sell your used car to us at Moberg Bil in Gothenburg, the dialogue is straightforward, factual and professional. You know we’re serious about buying cars, even if we don’t buy every one we’re offered. The process with us is significantly more straightforward than when you sell privately.

So to summarize: if you value your own time and a hassle-free experience, Moberg Bil is right for you.

Frequently asked questions about selling a car to our car company in Gothenburg

When you sell us a used car, we at Moberg Bil buy it. This generally means a faster deal and we give you a fair price based on the car’s condition and the market’s pricing.

We buy and sell used cars every day and are used to handling vehicles from most manufacturers.
Based on our knowledge of the market and the information we receive from you,
we can ensure that you get the right price for your car.

Yes, you can sell your car with a loan (residual debt) left to us. We have collaborations with most banks and resolve any debt on the car in connection with business.

Of course it’s okay. We work with several large leasing companies and are used to exchanging company cars and pool cars from them.

It’s not a problem, we do our own inspection of the car before we buy it.

There are two parts to a registration certificate. Ideally, we would like to include both parts, but only one of them is mandatory.

The first part, which is not mandatory, contains information about the owner, the car and de-registration. It is blue.

The second part, which is mandatory, is a document of value that shows who the current owner of the car is and who has owned it before. It’s yellow. If you have lost the second part, you can order a new one from the Swedish Transport Agency .